As 1978 some motorcycles enthusiastic boys met constantly for some talks, bike screwing, bike riding and parties, a close friendship and brotherhood grew out of that for now 25 years.

Dieter, Norbert and Vince were the leading heads, they have founded the SKULL Motorcycle club. They had an exact idea of the colour: Of course, it must be a three part colour, with the name of the city “Bückeburg”, what claims the area. There were some other MC’s nearby, but the SKULL MC still exist.

September 29. 1979 the MC was founded. In the early years they haven´t had a clubhouse. The members met each other at local bars or at home - as usual in that time. Some of the members can surely remember the legendary basement party’s. The bikes in the early days were only Japanese bikes. The SKULL MC limited their meetings to local Bars, Clubs and parties. Beside the one and other disagreement everything was fine and easy. We had to stand the ground just the same as today Presi Leiche remembers .

We Avoided stress with the authorities at that time as today, functional regulations are better to find in the biker scene itself.

As the engines grew and got reliable, the SKULLs also went to south Germany and to the near states. “At that time, we rode mostly Guzzis and row four engines” said Schappi. usually the SKULLs rode some hundreds of miles to the south just to have a good time with their friends.
Most of that Motorcycleclubs dissolved or merged with others.

At a nearly 35-year history, the members can report about good and bad times. WithIn the early days they had to stand up and succeed against the different groups. In discos and at tent-partyies there were always some groups they wanted to mess with the SKULLS .
“They noticed very fast that they mess around with the wrong peoples. surle, we ain’t choirboys!” said Leiche with a smile on his face.

They had times, were the SKULLS just had 5 members, but they´ve never thought about giving up. “We always stood up for our colour even with 5 or 6 members, it paid off, and that we hold out. Just this difficult time moved the left members closer together.”

Also bad times passed the SKULL MC. 1989 Kalle had a deadly accident with his bike, 1991 they had to say farewell to Atze, 1992 they buried Poty and last they lost 1994 the founding President Dieter. Years later after his death his bike gets a worthy place in the clubhouse.

Founding member Norbert is still an active member. A basic principle is: class instead mass. “it proofed always it is better to have one less member, but therefore that everyone stands up for each brother” explained Norbert.

The most members look back at a 15 – 20 year membership.

MC SKULL BÜCKEBURG - old Colour“on the first colour we wore old German letters black on red . A lot of people had problems to read the letters, so we changed 1986 to a new version with black and white colours and print letters” Norbert remembers.

Predominant the SKULL’S ride Harleys, but they aren’t a pure Harley-club. Just one stipulation about the bike has been made: minimum 30, 51 cui (500ccm). The Milwaukee dream isn’t everything. The bike is not, the man who rides the bike is important.

Once a year they take a vacation, main target is Denmark. Such vacation move closer together - and they are well organized. The management has following consistent: Presi – Leiche, Secretary – Micha, Sgt. at Arms – Lars, Treasurer – Bicke.
This five take intensice care about the interest of the club.

1988 the SKULLS got their first clubhouse, where they just stayed only four years. Also in their following clubhouse they stayed not long. 1995 they found their final destination, an old train engine shed should be their new clubhouse. But before they could move in, a lot of work had to been done. Every Saturday morning they report in for work. That must been a stressful time, because Saturday evenings they had a packed program with club parties to show the area presence. Because of the club philosophy “who don’t take care about other clubs, who shouldn’t wonder that nobody shows up at their own party’s!” That was a reason that the moving in lasted one and a half year. Today the clubhouse is a two floor with a 3230 square feet area to party, surly place for resting wasn’t forgotten.

At the beginning of the work the SKULLS were 16 members, and they finished with 10 members. Leiche: “the sort of the wheat from the chaff is the result.”

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